Gambling game in Macau was made legal in the year 1850. Macau was still under Portuguese rule at this time. From that period, it has been called “Monte Carlo of the Orient.” Both domestic and foreign corporations have come to invest a lot in the casinos, and many tourists from Hong Kong and China regularly visit them. Tourism and gambling are both main sources of revenue in Macau. Among the best casinos here is the Macau Palace (Floating Casino).

There are several casinos found in Macau. They all operate under government regulations and rules. Majority of them operate for 24 hours a day. Gambling games here include roulette, blackjack, sic bo, keno, Fan-Tan and the extremely famous game of baccarat. The main Macau casino is called Casino Lisboa. This is a four-storey complex that was first built in early 70′s by Stanley Ho Company. It is found in downtown Macau. It has a total of 927 rooms with another extension in the pipeline. This will compete with nearby Wynn Macau that is owned by Steve Wynn from Las Vegas.

In comparison, Macau Palace (Floating Casino), found on a barge, nearly 5-kilometre walk from the ferry station is the smallest casino in Macau. Its second decks boast of 6 baccarat tables; 2 for blackjack, two for dai-siu and sic bo. Additionally, there is also found a tiny slot-machine room. There are also other areas that are used for confidential gambling games. For people who need a change of tempo to a quieter area, the Macau Palace (Floating Casino) consists of low table limits. This is an excellent option one should consider.

Apart from Macau Palace (Floating Casino), there are many more casinos that offer to gamble games in this place. What is not in doubt is that Macau casinos have become extremely famous tourist destinations, and many tourists have come to enjoy exciting games here.