A visit to the eastern part of the globe is a holiday experience that is in the dream of numerous vacationers. The vacation experience can only be curtained in residing in an environment that avails the real lifestyle of china and to further extent eastern Asia culture. Going by reviews of previous and current guests of Golden Dragon Macau Hotel this should be your destination abode while on holiday away from the hustles and bustle facets of life.

The hotel environment is enclosed with eastern historical monuments that will make you visit more adventurous. You have an opportunity to visit:

1). Macau Cathedral

2). Ruins of St. Paul located in the Macau’s historic district that is enlisted in the global heritage governing body, UNESCO.

3).Museum in Macau and have a grasp of the Chinese or eastern traditions and exhibits dating back to several generations ago.

Other sites that will fortify you experience are Lou Kau Mansion, Fisherman Wharf in Macau and Macau Cultural Center.

Golden Dragon MacauAs you explore Macau community, the Golden Dragon Macau Hotel will handle all your accommodation needs .The hotel offers exceptional experience ranging from the food service to the accommodation service. The staff is helpful and competent in service delivery, if you are from native English speaking country you do not need to worry of spending money to hire a translator or English speaking tour guide since almost the staff are English proficient besides mastering other foreign languages.

The hotel rooms are classic with fine interior design that avails tranquil ambience to the occupants. The room service team are always alert 24 hours a day to ensure you stay in the hotel is memorable, relaxed, risk free and to your satisfaction. The rooms are served with air high performing cooling system to curb high temperature during summer. The guests have also entertainment option that is provided by the cabled plasma screen that affords excellent images. In case you want to monitor how your business is progressing in a hassle-free environment there is a high speed internet access that you laptop PC will be able to connect to, this will also enable you modify your status on the social network. Based on your needs the room service avails customize services that will make your stay in the hotel brilliant. One of the customized services is the massage bath tub.

Your visit to the east cannot be completed until you sample oriental meals that the greater eastern culture offers, the hotel chefs are popular for preparation of these eastern classic dishes. If you are not comfortable with the eastern food the hotel catering unit also offers some of the top international cuisines, you can also request for customized meals that will go by your health requirements or your dietician prescribed diet. In case you want to unwind you can join other tourist revelers in the nice lounge for your top cocktail drink served by experienced and well behaved barmen.

Far from the accommodation and food service you have other merrymaking options to impel your holiday mood. You can join the hotel casino to try your luck and win a fortune while you are on vacation. After gaming in the casino, walking round the Macau neighborhood or reveling in the Hotel’s world class night club you have an option to give yourself a sauna bath treat at the hotel’s magnificent sauna.

Golden Dragon Hotel in Macau has also a business accommodation facet, the hotel offers excellent business conference facility for cooperate personalities. The hotel has air-conditioned conference room that avails a closed door and optimized business meeting environment. In case you need professional secretarial services to support the business conference you will have the service in place since the hotel offers competent secretarial services to its guest. Further, the hotel has conference support communication equipments such as public address system, state of art communication projector for power point presentations to enhance successful business conference.

Golden Dragon Macau Hotel should your preferred vacation home of choice. You will easily access the hotel via the Macau International Airport and reach the place within ten minutes from the time you clear with the immigration unit at the airport. You will never regret booking for your accommodation in this holiday destination abode. Consequently, your stay at this world class hotel will leave you more relaxed and re-energized after the vacation season.